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Robin Hood Tax Would Expand Opportunity Curb Market Volatility

HR 1464, a bill to establish a small tax on certain Wall Street transactions to raise hundreds of billions of dollars every year was reintroduced today by Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN).

Sen Sanders Introduces “Robin Hood Tax” and “College For All Act”

The Robin Hood Tax swooped into America’s national spotlight when presidential contender Sen. Bernie Sanders announced his introduction of two Senate bills.

A Tax on Wallstreet Goes Beyond Treating the Symptom

A tax on Wall Street introduces the changes to the system that will go beyond fixing the problems that are in front of us. It's a step toward creating enduring solutions, not just band-aids.  

NY Times Supports the Robin Hood Tax

chat bubble"There are several good arguments for a financial transactions tax... It would raise needed revenue from an undertaxed sector and foster greater income equality. It would also curb speculation, making the banking system more stable."

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22 Jul 15

Over the weekend, 12,000 people gathered in Phoenix to...

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